andrew the copywriter

Chickens As Pets promotional photoAndrew Hinkinson has over two decades of B2C and B2B copywriting and editorial experience, working across a range of media – websites, newspapers, magazine and book publishing – as a community and content manager, editor and journalist. He has an MA in Creative Writing from Manchester Metropolitan University and is the author of a bestselling non-fiction title, Chickens As Pets – Your Definitive Guide to Keeping Pet Chickens, and a novel, WOOF!. He provides copywriting, ebook conversion and editing help to individuals looking to self-publish and businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Andrew can edit, proofread - and even convert your books to ebooks.Andrew can help with ebook creation in all formats, providing one-to-one author assistance with everything from proofing and editing through to cover creation, EPUB standards compliance, font selection and uploading to digital retailers such as Amazon, Apple, Kobo and more.

Consultancy advice is also available for businesses and sole traders on how to approach the running of social media accounts; how to conduct themselves publicly online; how to manage promotional activity; how to engage authentically with prospective customers and readers; how to cope with and turn any negatives to your advantage, such as bad publicity and trolls.

Andrew’s skills include:

• Copywriting – Researching and writing articles, and editing the work of others for a variety of companies and publications, from academic publishing houses to lifestyle magazines.

• Social Media – Extensive multi-platform experience in creating and managing brand personalities online.

• Content Management – Writing and commissioning content across customer-facing websites. Services range from site development and content creation/sourcing to ongoing nurture contracts to ensure optimal SEO copy, registration with relevant web directories, consultation and advice on how to use new content to maintain and build an online presence.

• User experience – Maximisation of digital engagement; facilitating creative workshops focusing on client experience. Identifying target demographics using the right tone and language to attract and retain specific audiences while ensuring the customer journey is always coherent, transparent, flexible, confidence-inspiring and technologically robust across a variety of mobile and static operating systems, apps and browsers.

• SEO, Analytics and Insight – Writing authentic, believable copy that incorporates relevant and popular keyword terms. Using Google Analytics to ascertain and improve upon what is being read, how many visitors are reading it, time spent on the page, jumping-in points, conversion rates. Utilising Google Adwords to ensure the most searched-for words and phrases during any given time period are deployed.

• Print and E-Marketing – Using MailChimp and other distribution systems to produce marketing emails, flyers, brochures, policy documents and press releases. Co-branded promotional pages and activities with other companies where there are shared benefits. Generating positive brand awareness through support and sponsorship of charity fundraisers with news stories, interviews and calls to action whereby charities secure generous bulk discounts on products in return for brand recognition in their own materials. Traditional marketing tie-ins such as festival appearances and newspaper features with awareness of these promoted through digital channels as well.

• Digital Marketing – Providing input into the development of digital strategy. Responsibilty for traffic generation, cross-channel integration/channel management and generating significant rises in referrals from search, social media and partner networks.

• Technical skills – Andrew is proficient in a variety of software packages and produces standards-compliant digital books in iBooks, ePub and .mobi formats.

Andrew can produce ebooks for all e-readers, including KindleIf you are looking for a wordsmith and editor with talent, personality and drive, who will deliver what you want to deadline, contact Andrew. His rates are competitive, and client references can be provided. Availability cannot be guaranteed, especially at short notice.