Chickens As Pets one-week promo when myfibromyalgia comes out

Chickens As Pets

My new book, myfibromyalgia: one man’s experience of living with chronic illness, is released on Monday July 2 in paperback and ebook. To celebrate, for ONE week only from that date, the ebook of Chickens As Pets – Your Definitive Guide to Keeping Pet Chickens At Home will be available on Amazon with a significant … Read moreChickens As Pets one-week promo when myfibromyalgia comes out

myfibromyalgia: book cover reveal

I’m really pleased with the cover for myfibromyalgia. I wanted an image that conveyed masculinity, vulnerability, and pain – and that’s what I think has been achieved. I hope you like it too. You’ll be able to pre-order the ebook on Amazon sometime next week (last week of May 2018)  and both ebook and paperback will … Read moremyfibromyalgia: book cover reveal

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