Andrew is an accomplished copywriter, editor, proofreader and published author (20+ years of experience) able to help with any writing, editing or proofreading task for any size of business through to individuals. Get in touch to find out how Andrew can help you with his copywriting, proofreading and editorial services.

Andrew’s most recent book, myfibromyalgia: one man’s experience of living with chronic illness, is out now in all Amazon store territories the world over. The ebook is £5.99 and the paperback £8.99. UK Amazon link.

Andrew is the author of the bestselling Chickens As Pets – Your Definitive Guide to Keeping Pet Chickens.  You can buy a signed copy of the paperback here or digital editions from Amazon and AppleWoof! is a riotously rude and funny coming-of-age novel set in Manchester, England in the early 1990s. Rude, crude and irresistibly hilarious to those who won’t be offended, it’s available to buy from Amazon stores spanning the globe.

Listen to Wes Butters interview Andrew for BBC Leeds about Chickens As Pets:

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