Cats always win in the end

I sometimes decide that enough is enough. No more cats (I have three) sleeping on my bed at night – nor during the day, for that matter. I was fed up with putting my bed linens in the washing machine every week, and pulling not just clean laundry out of the machine when done, but … Read moreCats always win in the end

Poem // If God

I have a hole where faith should be. The ruthlessness of God, it leaves me cold and unimpressed. I tick on empty. In the darkness I still say my prayers. Angels may hear, act in love as agents. I hedge my bets for the blameless, friends and family. The beauty I see. My ears are … Read morePoem // If God

Supermarkets: here to help us not look after ourselves 

Tracking your exercise, food and drink intake using an app with the aim of losing or maintaining weight is a good idea (I’m using Lifesum on my iPhone) but it presents you with one stark fact when you eat a cookie and learn it’s taken you way over your daily calorific intake. Namely, if you … Read moreSupermarkets: here to help us not look after ourselves 

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