How to be enriched rather than enraged 

I used to be capable of debating subjects indefinitely, ‘sticking to my guns’ (that phrasing, I now realise, familiar to all, clearly defines debate as argument as combat). It was hugely important to me to ‘win’ and ‘conquer’, especially in matters with some relation to morality and conscience. This isn’t a man thing; I’ve met … Read moreHow to be enriched rather than enraged 

Poem // Perfectly Imperfect

When first he set eyes upon you, you were perfect; a warm light, drawing him inside, no moth to a flame analogy – for no one could ever be destroyed by entering the citadel of you, determinedly prising a lock open, a way into your heart, though fires rage there, it is true, deep below … Read morePoem // Perfectly Imperfect

No war was ever concluded by a bomb or bullet

My father did not fight against Hitler in WW2 and win medals for bravery so that British white people in 2015 could tap away at keyboards calling for all Muslims and, indeed, all people of non-white skin and foreigners to be forced into concentration camps, killed or deported (to where, they don’t say – their … Read moreNo war was ever concluded by a bomb or bullet

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