No war was ever concluded by a bomb or bullet

My father did not fight against Hitler in WW2 and win medals for bravery so that British white people in 2015 could tap away at keyboards calling for all Muslims and, indeed, all people of non-white skin and foreigners to be forced into concentration camps, killed or deported (to where, they don’t say – their hate-fevered brains don’t allow for much in the way of thought).

I am astonished by the thousands of wicked people floating to the surface of social media after the monstrous evil Paris attacks. These fascists are no better than the terrorists; indeed, they long to join in with the terrorising. Their expressions of sadness at what happened yesterday are bogus, for they would do it themselves – bomb, maim and kill, believing themselves right to do so and showing no remorse. Or they’d support others doing it for them.

If they had power and shut our borders, they’d starve within weeks as we don’t even produce 40% of our food requirements, needing to import the rest. Those strawberries in winter? Grown by Jews in Israel. Those pears? South Africa, probably picked and packed by black people. Your phone? Made in China. Even the Christianity a lot of these nut jobs pay lip service to was inadvertently started by a dark-skinned Jewish man who was crucified by haters.

And where would these neo-Nazis get the fuel to drive their cars? Give it a few weeks, the pumps would be empty. Much of our oil is sourced from a nation which has a black, Muslim population. If the right-wing fundamentalists had cars that ran on shit, they’d be okay – because they’re full of it already.

We each have a choice: be a hater and supporter of terrorism being used by all sides in a final world war, or be an advocate for love and peaceful co-existence. No war was ever concluded by a bomb or bullet; even Hiroshima and Nagasaki were followed by talks between the victors and the vanquished.

What’s the difference between ISIS bombing people and a white supremacist with dreams of a long-gone empire shooting a Muslim child between the eyes? No, don’t bother answering. I’ll tell you. NOTHING. They are exactly the same. We either evolve as a species away from killing each other, embracing love and cooperation, or we die and take the whole world with us.

I choose love, peace, kindness, generosity, support of the vulnerable and needy; I choose life over death, joy over suffering, hope instead of fear, truth not lies. I strive every day to be a better human being than I was the day before.

Ask yourself: what do you choose? Because if you choose darkness and a bitter, shrivelled heart, get the fuck off my blog and keep away from civilised people. Because we have work to do to save our planet from people just like you.

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