Single grey-and-white cat seeks other for nocturnal duets

My cat Sylvia has taken to singing the song of her people every night when I go to bed, as soon as I turn out the lights. She’s been doing it for a few weeks now. She’s never done it before.

If I didn’t know Sylvia was neutered three years ago, I’d think she was hawking her tail on the feline version of Tinder or Grindr. Growlr, maybe? Meower? PurrfectPartner?

Whatever her reason, these carry-ons must stop or my neighbours will think she’s on heat. By day she’s been beating up on Jasper, which is her way of flirting I think…

Can you imagine, though?

Single grey-and-white cat seeks other for nocturnal duets. Sexuality undecided – I’ll whack anyone around the head for a good time! Must not like my food. I’m scared of outside, so you must be willing to travel. Bring own litter tray. I am certified flea-free. Must seek permission before sniffing my bum.

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