Poem // The Blot

I wish the blot was in me and not in my friend, but life is what it is, unfair and mean to the kindest person I’ve ever seen. Where humans are concerned life is best suited to liars and haters, or so it seems, with so many lying and hating and winning with that. It’s … Read morePoem // The Blot

After Orlando: time for zero tolerance of hate

Blood bans, mockery, ostracisation, bullying, stabbings, murders, alienation, dehumanisation. A boy turned scarecrow, strung up on a barbed wire fence, his funeral picketed: GOD HATES FAGS. Jesus, Jesus, hallelujah! Declarations of war in bathrooms: “Trans! Trans! Lock up your kids!” Christians refusing to do their jobs when they’re asked to certificate same-sex marriages. God destroyed … Read moreAfter Orlando: time for zero tolerance of hate

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