After Orlando: time for zero tolerance of hate


Blood bans, mockery, ostracisation, bullying, stabbings, murders, alienation, dehumanisation. A boy turned scarecrow, strung up on a barbed wire fence, his funeral picketed: GOD HATES FAGS. Jesus, Jesus, hallelujah! Declarations of war in bathrooms: “Trans! Trans! Lock up your kids!” Christians refusing to do their jobs when they’re asked to certificate same-sex marriages. God destroyed Sodom because of consensual, loving bum-sex. Apparently. He really hates it, the botherers say, but straights do it as well. No way. Yes way! The gays have weak mothers. The lesbians shouldn’t teach. The bisexuals are greedy, can’t make their minds up. And, “Hey! Everyone’s a bitch except me!” Oh, really?

Where’s the harm in love?

Misogyny. Rich white boys who rape get treated leniently. Germaine Greer, forgetting her origins as a campaigner against hate and any baloney that references the ‘fairer, weaker sex’ says that, “Chopping off your cock doesn’t make you a real woman.” Straight guys don’t mind lesbians because they want to watch – and think voyeurism is natural, manly. It’s not. A man takes offence and ditches a friend when the friend says I love you without a beer can in his hands. A guy saying he loves another guy only presents no danger if the body language says: don’t worry, I’m messing, love like that isn’t real. But it is. IT IS. Where’s the harm in love? There is NONE. Where is the harm, then? In the darkness of terror, condemnation, prejudicial legislation, the spilling of blood.

The language and actions of villainy, hate, oppression and tyranny

Down through time, around and around it goes: the language and actions of villainy, hate, oppression and tyranny. I am so sick of hypocrisy and poison all around us. I AM SICK OF IT. If we had a planet on which diversity was celebrated, recognised as being nothing to fear or belittle, where every human being was seen as being of equal worth to every society, THE EVIL WOULD HAVE NOWHERE TO TAKE ROOT AND MANIFEST. We make our own Hell. So what if someone with genitals you’re not keen on fancies you? Take the fucking compliment, open your goddamned cowardly mind, don’t reach for a knife or take yourself a bride, a luckless wife, to prove yourself. What are you proving? Do you even know what you’re doing, at any time of day or night? Baa. Baa. Baa. Fucking two-legged sheep are everywhere we turn.

Republicans should clean up their act. Trump is a symptom, not the disease

America is a country where one of the two major political parties opposes equality every chance it gets, encourages and gives a platform to orange-skinned bigotry to get bigots’ votes; it produces men with GUNS who shoot at the people behind the letters L, G, B and T. And they’re SURPRISED at what happened in Orlando? Such vile expressions of inhumanity and violence are all too commonplace. We glorify horror in films, in computer games. You can get a medal for putting a bullet in a child’s head if your government gave you permission first. Primetime TV awaits.

I grieve for the dead, the injured, their families and friends in Orlando who now have to live and carry their losses in terrible pain, while too many are gone. But while it’s a fundamentalist nutjob in the first instance to blame – who chose to act and fired the shots – it is a sick world we are all waist-deep in that birthed a man like that.

Honour the dead of Orlando with change

We can do better, can’t we? Tell me we can. If not, we’ll move over soon for the next species at the top that maybe will succeed where we did not. Those we know to be victims everywhere and everywhen in history did not deserve what they got but we make the same mistakes again and again – taking blank-slate little human kids and making mass murderers out of them. God’s Fighting Men. Syria, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan: we made a funeral pyre of blood-soaked rags and scorched flesh the way only the foolish, the easilly conned, the powerful and the privileged can.

But hey, there’s an orange billionaire who wants to build a big wall. He can get started on that once Britain, so brave, has pulled its drawbridge up to keep out the orphans of wars we made happen. Hallelujah again. We are saved!

The lunatics run the asylum. I ask the invisible agents, whatever their names, to take the fallen of Orlando and lift them up to some place that, if it exists, has to surely be better than all of this. Let us honour the dead by renewing the fight to end prejudice in all forms, wherever and whenever it rears its ugly head.

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