2011 iMac 27-inch

2011 iMac: goodbye to an old, reliable friend

Looks like my iMac is dead. I’ve yet to call it but my diagnosis is a faulty graphics card – expensive to replace, can’t be done outside a repair shop, not worth it with a seven-year-old machine. Hard drives and RAM are okay, I’ve checked. I’ll try a completely fresh install of the operating system before I finally, reluctantly give up. I bought this iMac in 2011 and it has given me seven years of trouble-free service. I wrote WOOF! on it, Chickens As Pets and my next book out later this year. I’ve done a lot of copywriting work on it, and editing, and ebook conversions. It’s never needed to be wiped or repaired, never given me hassle. Can’t say that about Windows machines in my experience. The iMac was expensive to buy but proved to be exceptional good value in the long run.

You get attached to Macs like you never can dull ugly Windows machines. I’ve still got a fully functional, 18 year-old white iBook in my attic. It’s no use for today’s applications but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it. If my iMac does go to the computer graveyard, as is likely, I will feel quite horrible. *sniff*

I sold my original-style, strawberry iMac back in the day and have always regretted doing so. Didn’t help when the buyer came to take it away and, as he was leaving, told me it was going to be used to edit porn! No, I thought. What have I done to my innocent little iMac? But it was too late… *reaches for hanky*

I know a guy who’s kept every Mac he ever owned, and he bought every Mac ever made. A Mac isn’t just a Mac, it’s like family. It’s too soon to get a replacement. No, not because I need to grieve (my sadness is real, though) but because new models are due to be announced in June.

I’ve got my 2016 Macbook, so am not Mac-less but while it’s great for browsing and writing, it’s not so great for editing, which is when I find a big screen helpful. The Macbook does have an amazing Retina screen, which the iMac didn’t have. My iMac was the last Mac made with a built-in superdrive for DVDs and CDs, though. I have a USB Blu-ray drive for the Macbook, which has to connect with a dongle because Apple only gave the Macbook a single USB-C port.

Thank you, old friend, for being such a reliable workhorse and an attractive fixture in my home. You never slowed down and stayed zippy until the end. I knew you were starting to creak this year, though, your fan often working overtime… But I knew, there was nothing I could do…

When a new, young iMac does enter into my life, my memories of you and our achievements together will remain with me. Still I hope to resurrect you somehow… One last-ditch effort with a wipe and clean OS install but I’m pretty sure my diagnosis will stand. Needs to be done anyway, to ensure no personal data remains on your drives.

You were the best computer I’ve ever owned, even better than my newer Macbook. Your successor will be slimmer and faster but still… It won’t be you, will it?

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