Andrew's book, myfibromyalgia, features in the August issue of Fibromyalgia Magazine

Fibromyalgia Magazine features myfibromyalgia in August issue

Exciting news! Thanks to the amazing work of my PR go-to, Deborah Cogan, who is promoting my new book, myfibromyalgia (out on Monday) an exclusive extract from the book features in the August edition of Fibromyalgia Magazine. This is not the same extract you can read on my blog, it’s a different one entirely.

My thanks also to the editor of the website for giving me the opportunity to reach the site and magazine’s readership. There’s a Facebook group associated with the website and magazine as well – so if you’re on there chatting away and sharing cat memes (what, doesn’t everyone?), then please do give them a like to show your support.

myfibromyalgia book cover



Andrew’s latest book, myfibromyalgia: one man’s experience of living with chronic illness, is out now in all Amazon store territories the world over. The ebook is £5.99 and the paperback £8.99. UK Amazon link.

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