myfibromyalgia ebook and paperback now available

myfibromyalgia: one man’s experience of living with chronic illness has been live since Monday in all Amazon territories, both ebook and paperback.

If you search ‘myfibromyalgia’, Amazon will annoyingly determine you meant to type ‘my fibromyalgia’ and the results probably won’t contain the very book you’re looking for! It will offer to use ‘myfibromyalgia’ as the search term if you’re really sure that you typed what you wanted to type. Duh.

Alternatively, just search my name on there and a listing of all my titles will appear.

I don’t know how much it is outside the UK, it’s all magically determined by Amazon, but in the UK it’s £5.99 for the ebook and £8.99 for the paperback.

myfibromyalgia book cover



Andrew’s latest book, myfibromyalgia: one man’s experience of living with chronic illness, is out now in all Amazon store territories the world over. The ebook is £5.99 and the paperback £8.99. UK Amazon link.

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