UK supermarkets and vegan food

I can’t be the only customer to have noticed the staggering ineptitude of UK supermarkets when it comes to stocking food that vegans actually want to buy.

I noticed it with vegetarian food at my local Tesco first. Veggie sandwiches vanished as soon as put out and by end of day they were flogging meat sandwiches off cheap. Did they get fewer meat and more veggie ones thereafter? No. It’s been the same for the last four years. If they respond any slower to social change, the supermarkets will actually begin to travel back in time and start offering their customers roast mammoth while not only refusing to serve anyone who isn’t dressed like a Quaker, but burning heathens as well.

The reason supermarkets are so shit at serving vegan customers is they employ people on low wages who aren’t invested to give a toss, and elevate people to stock management whose only qualifications are from when they won a gold star at the age of five. The supermarkets seem to have zero awareness of cultural and social trends unless they involve dead animals, football or booze. Meanwhile their top brass chow down on lobster tails and feed their children crayfish.

ASDA: let’s get some vegan products in.
*vegan food sells out as soon as it hits the shelves*
ASDA: let’s restock in eight weeks!

TESCO: What is this vegan of which you speak? Oh, right. Let’s stock one item but only in our London stores.

SAINSBURYS: We stock vegan products! You’ll find them between the headless chickens and the cow pieces dripping in blood.

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