The Brexshit Unicorn

Brexshit: don’t worry, the unicorns will save us all

I see government representatives such as Jeremy C-sorry, Hunt are again, same as every day, bringing out the unicorns to line them up along the cliffs of Dover, ready to ensure with a sprinkle of fairy glitter that it will be business as usual from B-Day (yes, there’s a double meaning there, as in bidet, and I did intend it). The hard, hoary old truth is this: talk of the need to stockpile goods and medicines is the LEAST worrying aspect of Brexshit. Our local councils, many of them Tory, are borderline or actually bankrupted now; our police and military numbers have been decimated by the Tories; our social care system is on the brink of collapse, and the NHS is teetering on the edge of meltdown due to an exodus of EU nationals and over eight years of underfunding. Our infrastructure, decimated by austerity, will not be able to cope with the coming unprecedented storm of crises.

Add to this shower the fact that British planes won’t be able to fly over or land in EU countries at all, the government is planning to take over AN ENTIRE MOTORWAY in Kent to cope with the expected number of lorries that will be stuck due to customs chaos AND the majority of foodstuffs imported via the EU are actually fresh ingredients for products made here in the UK, which of course will rot in the pile-up unable to get to where they need to be.

None of that even touches upon the gaping, vast hole in our national security that will result from a no-deal Brexshit. With the very real risk of people going without medicines, collapse of our institutions such as the NHS and social care, and the very real prospect not faced in centuries of millions going hungry with shops empty or closed and unemployment shooting up due to companies being unable to conduct business here, and yes – you do have an entirely self-inflicted Armageddon scenario that will see the army brought out on the streets to control population disorder and protest. Emergency legislation will be passed and established emergency protocols will be needed, and rationing will be inevitable. A modern Western country used to being able to accommodate special diets and principled diets such as vegan, gluten-free and more, might well have its citizens suddenly finding they’re entitled to one standard white loaf maybe once a week. Blitz spirit engaged? I don’t think so. We are not that nation anymore.

If you’re not shitting a brick over Brexshit and planning to bunker down indoors for three months, you’re living in Boris Johnson and Adolf Rees-Mogg land, where the sun always shines, you can lie and people will still like you because you’re cheeky and you can have your thirteenth child and your tax havens and your cake.

This government will fall in the Autumn, and it’s past time Labour got its head out of its arse, quit fannying about and started coming up with a battle plan to rescue the country. Anyone who votes Tory in the next General Election needs sectioning, frankly. For all Labour isn’t in the best position it could and should be, it’s the only real choice we have under our current electoral system – as in, better than these ruinous rich monsters.

Or, you know, you can see everything being said against Brexshit as scaremongering and be confident that the unicorns will keep us all safe, fed and healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I love unicorns but I don’t think they can do any of that.

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