Boris Johnson: an intelligent, calculating racist

The UK is heading for multiple systemic failures when Brexit happens in March next year. The perfect shitstorm. The NHS, social care, local authorities, all starved of cash and resources since 2010; foreign workers driven away from the NHS, social care, agriculture and construction; a faulty-by-design benefits system, Universal Credit; and, an unprecedented food and supplies crisis when we are ripped from the EU with no deal. The systems we rely on for health, money and jobs will fail. The police have warned of civil unrest they won’t be able to contain due to cuts in funding and officer numbers.

Into all this intentional chaos will ride Boris Johnson on his bicycle, having calculated there are enough racists in his party and the country to give him control. He will promise milk and honey if we only become more inhospitable toward immigrants – in particular, those who are not white.

What is happening to Britain is exactly what Steve Bannon planned for the US – destruction from which a new order will be able to rise. He’s advising Johnson on how to make it work for his personal gain. Johnson as PM, Rees-Mogg as Home Secretary, an assortment of other loonies such as Liam Fox in his Cabinet. That’s the game plan. A game in which real people suffer and die, destitution spreads unchecked like cancer and those perceived as different are marginalised, assaulted, exiled or locked up on grounds of ‘national security’.

Johnson and his friends look into this future and see it as good, for them and their interests. They are not the Conservatives people once knew and many still think they are voting for. We are past comparisons to Thatcher. Were she alive today, she would be horrified. These are dangerous men and women without conscience and with mad schemes to reorder the world and take away much we currently take for granted.

We will certainly be tested as a nation. The question is, do we want to honour people like my late father who fought against such dark forces in WW2 or do we want to embrace fear and hatred, corruption and lies? It’s the groups that claim patriotism and wave the flag that most dishonour our war dead with the half-baked racist drivel they spout.

It used to be that Labour was presented as to be feared, a revolutionary threat to society. It still is presented that way, of course. It was the Tories who presented themselves as the maintainers of a reassuring if flawed status quo – ‘keep calm and vote Tory’ – but the choice now is, which revolution do you want? A socialist transformation of society for the betterment of all – or a neo-fascist, isolationist elite in power? It’s going to be one or the other. And your life, all our lives in Britain, are on the verge of being made much better or much, much worse.

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