Tories grow more scared of Corbyn every day

Facebook showed me an ad that was pretty much standard, smeary fare for a party that lies all the time: a hate campaign funded by the Tories against Jeremy Corbyn. This was no algorithmic mistake. Clearly, the Tories are paying a fortune to target Labour supporters on Facebook (other than just keeping the newspaper editors and owners well supplied with cash and special favours).

This shows, despite their media friends telling lies about Jeremy every day, the Tories are scared of him. Brainwashing Daily Mail, Sun, Express and Telegraph readers obviously isn’t thought to be enough to keep the Tories in power (but not in control of anything). Of course it isn’t enough – because fewer and fewer people buy newspapers, and social media has proven it has far greater reach. 

When Labour wins the next General Election, the country will get the radical changes it desperately needs for the benefit of the many, not the few. The NHS, railways and utilities run for the people, not for profit – renationalisation of failing privately-run essential services is just one of Labour’s policies popular with the majority. Renationalisation will give power back to the people and services will be run for them, not shareholders. 

Whichever way people voted in the referendum, nobody wanted a no-deal situation where jobs will be lost, food will cost more and the country will be run down as a tax haven for the wealthy. The Tories are incompetent, and driving us over a cliff. 

Under the first past the post system we are lumbered with, there are only two choices come the next election with hope of forming a government. Tories and Labour. We’ve seen what the Tories have made of Britain, first aided and abetted by the Liberal Democrats and now by the DUP, for eight years: a run-down, understaffed NHS; ever more expensive public transport; disabled and sick people driven to suicide; full-time workers unable to pay rent and buy food; and, over two million children pushed into poverty. That’s just a few of their ‘achievements’, while cutting taxes for the rich. 

Give Labour a chance to make Britain a better, fairer and more innovative place to live and work. Sack the Tories with their dismal, unjust record – and let’s see hope and justice and fairness return to the country. 

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