New iPad Pros: wait, HOW much?

Well Apple, at the prices announced yesterday for the new iPad Pros, I think I’ll be holding onto my original 12.9-inch model and first-gen Apple Pencil until they croak. What’s more, I was quite annoyed to read that the new Apple Pencil won’t work with older iPad Pros and the old Apple Pencil won’t work … Read moreNew iPad Pros: wait, HOW much?

Brazil elects a fascist dictator

As has always been the way, the peoples of the world will vote to surrender freedoms, welcome the oppression of minorities and empower evil when offered the lie of easy solutions to economic pain. The week starts with bad news for all believers in peace, justice, liberty and protecting the environment. What has happened in … Read moreBrazil elects a fascist dictator

Stockpiling for Brexit

I’m not alone in having begun stockpiling food, mostly staples and preserves that won’t go off. If all goes surprisingly smoothly with Brexshit and we get a deal, the worst thing will be I end up with a lot of food to eat having bought it at pre-Brexshit prices. It’ll get used come what may, … Read moreStockpiling for Brexit

Khashoggi and the Saudis: no justice, just oil

With regard to the murder of Jamal Khashoggi, the Saudi journalist, the hypocrisy and inaction of our world leaders makes me sick. It is evil and totally unacceptable that a journalist can walk into his own nation’s consulate in another land and be tortured, killed and disappeared, which is what happened to Jamal Khashoggi. Yet, … Read moreKhashoggi and the Saudis: no justice, just oil

Don’t put your trust in Apple’s App Stores

You’d think Apple would notify people when it discovers apps sold in its App Stores, Mac or iOS, have been found to contain spyware taking private information, when they’ve removed them from the store. But no. I had Dr. Cleaner Pro installed, a paid-for app, on my Macbook Pro. It turns out, it’s been gone … Read moreDon’t put your trust in Apple’s App Stores

Don’t just accept pain, fight it

I’ve learned a lot of people accept pain. They just go, “Oh, I have pain!” and take painkillers, perhaps going to the doctor to see if there’s a diagnosis attached. And then they accept a diagnosis like it’s their fate. Sit back and wait for it to get inevitably worse. I don’t get it. They … Read moreDon’t just accept pain, fight it

Factory farming vs nature as breeding livestock becomes harder

Death rates for female pigs in the US are going up rapidly, causing panic in the farming industry. The same has been true of chickens and turkeys for the past two decades. Probably other animals as well, especially if bred in factory farming systems. Breeding livestock in their billions and trillions (over a trillion chickens … Read moreFactory farming vs nature as breeding livestock becomes harder

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