Stockpiling for Brexit

I’m not alone in having begun stockpiling food, mostly staples and preserves that won’t go off. If all goes surprisingly smoothly with Brexshit and we get a deal, the worst thing will be I end up with a lot of food to eat having bought it at pre-Brexshit prices. It’ll get used come what may, but ‘everything will be okay’ isn’t a mantra I can put my faith in. I think we are heading into a massive, unprecedented, entirely avoidable, no-deal crisis. There will be disruption to food and medicine supplies, with attendant social upheaval. Prices will shoot up on almost everything.

The people who support the Tories now will *still* support them when we are comprehensively done over, because the Tories will blame Europe for the mess even though 51% of us told our government to leave the EU. Europe didn’t push us out. The EU never promised us everything would be okay and made better by leaving. National self-harm on this scale is unprecedented.

A quarter of a million people who voted Leave will have died by the time it happens. Most people are sleepwalking towards Brexshit as if nothing is going to change. Many aren’t even worried. They’ve every right to do things their way, of course, but I’m not going to follow them. I’ve never put my trust in Tories and I’m not going to start now where making sure I have food in my tummy is concerned. Stockpiling, with all the uncertainty, really isn’t a crazy idea. Leaving the EU, however, is. Not preparing for the worst is the craziest idea of all. 

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