The carnivorous chef

“You’re vegan. I’m a chef. I hate vegans. Sorry.”

Me, totally unfazed. “Er, why?”

“Vegan food has no flavour.”

“Um, you’re telling me fruit and vegetables don’t have flavour?” I thought about telling this ‘chef’ that a great deal of meat derives its flavour from herbs, spices, marinades and so on. But nah. I was having fun with this one. 

“Yeah. I like using meat. I cook with meat all the time.” 

“I bet your ice creams and other desserts are talking points then. Your breath will be unforgettable too.”


“You do know that people need to start reducing their meat and fish consumption and cutting it out entirely if we are to have a hope in hell of surviving as a species?”

“There’s no point doing anything. We’re all doomed anyway.”

“We certainly would be if we ate at your restaurant.”

“I don’t have one.”

“You surprise me.”

“Vegans aren’t healthy. Being vegan does nothing for you.”

“How old do you think I am?”


“I’m 51.”

“Yeah but you obviously look after yourself.”

“I do. I’m a vegan.”

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