Iceland Christmas TV ad banned because wanting to save the planet is ‘political’

Iceland (the food store chain, not the country) does a Christmas TV ad about the environmental crisis and threat to animals and it’s deemed ‘political’ and banned from our screens? Oh.

If your kid is choking on a sweet and you want to help them survive, is that a political act? If you keep your eyes open while driving, is that a political act?

How much longer must our media and institutions pander to the idiots who argue the climate and extinction crises aren’t real? What is this even-handed bollocks? I don’t want to get to the end of everything and only two minutes before life is extinguished finally have the dickheads saying, “Okay, we concede we were wrong.” Not that they likely would, even as their own children died. That’s fundamentalist lunacy for you.

What’s more, ads nearly always lie, or at least deceive. They seek to make us poorer, fatter, more insecure. That isn’t political? This is the most truthful ad I’ve ever seen. 

Get this ad shared across social media and screw the stupid rules. 

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