Marvel Unlimited: comics, with much frustration

Marvel Unlimited is an online comics service where you pay an annual fee to access all Marvel’s archive up to six months before whenever today happens to be. The site/app has a nasty habit of randomly and inexplicably locking paid subscribers out every now and again. When it does, it says you have to reset your password. Only you can’t. The password reset gives 404 errors. It’s done it to me for the second time in a year, this morning, and the timing sucks given I’m going on holiday tomorrow.

You think a company that makes billions would have a 24-7 support service, right? Wrong. You email and get an automated reply saying office hours are Monday to Friday, 9 to 5. I’ll be in Paris as, when and if they get back to me. Add this to the fact that the app is generally clunky, and I think that’s me done when it comes to renewal time.

UPDATE: After trying 33 times to use the password reset and failing, number 34 proved my lucky number. I’m back in. Marvel, this is really poor. 

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