Vince Cable colluding with Mrs May

Are we all thought to be completely stupid blank sheets for the Tories and their friends to write what they want into our brains? First up this week, Vince Cable – a man painted by the media, including the supposedly left-wing Guardian – as a person with integrity – announces that the Lib Dems will not support any further votes of no confidence in the Tory government, making it impossible with the current Parliamentary arithmetic to bring down May’s omnishambles via that route. Then, after a gap of a few days to allow for us to apparently forget this fact, Vince Cable announces that he’s been talking with Mrs May and she’s agreed to look ‘favourably’ on a second referendum as an option.

So I ask you: do you think Mrs May would even say that if she wasn’t being offered something by the Lib Dems? Does she strike you as a generous woman, prone to giving things away to her supposed political opponents? I’ll tell you what happened, because it’s happened before: the Lib Dem leader has promised to keep the Tories in power, because they’ve promised him something in return. You cannot trust the Lib Dems. They are Tory enablers. A vote for the Lib Dems is a vote for the Tories in power.

Remember this backroom dirty dealing that goes on, the next time Mrs May says it’s important to carry through to the extreme a result of a referendum or else ‘democracy will suffer’. Democracy has been suffering since 1979, when Thatcher first took office. It suffered under Blair, Brown, Cameron and his Lib Dem puppet, Clegg. Democracy won’t suffer under a Corbyn government. It will be reinvigorated, with the poor chumps who currently keep voting for May being given the support and housing they need, even if they do think he’s a threat because their newspapers tell them he is. Mrs May wasn’t worried about democracy when she threw billions of pounds in the form of a bung to the Northern Ireland minority Democratic Unionist party, in order to get their votes to keep her in power if not control.

As for Vince Cable, his actions aren’t pragmatic. He is hunting for ways to influence power that bypass entirely what most of us think of as democracy. Corbyn was right to say he wouldn’t talk to May unless she took ‘no deal’ off the table, because no deal would make a majority of British citizens much poorer. No politician with any true decency and morality would countenance that happening.

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