Caring for a loved one with delirium: raw truths

Imagine, if you will, a large battery that, when exposed to certain environmental factors, discharges rapidly until there’s no energy left in it. That’s me. One hour in the presence of my mother when her delirium is high, when every word spoken is nonsense and paranoia, with my heart bleeding at seeing her suffering, and … Read moreCaring for a loved one with delirium: raw truths


Extremists are trying really, really, really hard to drag this country backwards through time. We have to fight to go forwards. The genie of hatred won’t go back in its lamp easily or quickly. When you encounter the ‘reasonable racist’ believing every word of the propaganda he spouts, his entire life built on fictions, it’s … Read moreExtremists

Fibromyalgia: no sleep tonight


Fibromyalgia is an invisible bully refusing to leave me alone. It has no form, no mind of its own, it’s a neurological issue with no agenda and yet I hate it so much my teeth clench in the dark.

Love in a time of hate is revolutionary

Love and hate

This evening I realised, in conversation with a friend, that I’m grieving for the country I thought I lived in. I know, come what may, it’s never coming back. The social, economic, cultural and emotional landscapes are all deteriorating and shifting into meaner, uglier shapes. Hate is everywhere. Oh, there will always be good people even … Read moreLove in a time of hate is revolutionary

A box. A 21st Century simple solution to everything that divides us.

Donald Trump got to be US President by promising to build a wall to keep out all the people wanting to join all the other people who aren’t Native Americans in entering America and then acting like they own the place. It’s a simple idea, whatever you think of it. America, you see is full. … Read moreA box. A 21st Century simple solution to everything that divides us.

Mental health in the UK getting worse. What can you do?

The UK is sick and getting no better. It can feel like nobody cares. We can each only do so much but it’s important we do what we can.

April Fool’s: that joke just isn’t funny anymore

April Fool’s Day cannot work its jokery this year. It has been ruined by reality. Every batshit-crazy newspaper article, every cuckoo post put out on social media, has an air of believability.

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