A victory for lies but don’t lose hope

Woke unexpectedly at 4.40am. I was having a lovely dream. Looked at the news on my phone. Realised I’d woken to a nightmare. A victory for lies, smears, the rich and smug. A crushing humiliation heaped on the sick, the disabled, NHS workers, firefighters, the homeless, the poor, the working poor, those on zero hour contracts, pro-Europeans, those who want to study but can’t afford to, immigrants, anyone fighting for justice, access to courts and legal protections, single parents, teachers, carers, those needing care, anyone who struggles to provide public services already in crisis on the brink of collapse.

The biggest win for the Tories ever. Five years of them transforming this country in a disaster capitalism revolution, starting with leaving the EU in January with no trade deal in place by the end of 2020, so no deal with our biggest, oldest trading partners. Those of us who stand with consciences, sense and compassion will watch in horror as the UK collapses in a mess for which the rest of the British public will only have themselves to blame. The country will become the 51st state of the USA in all but the paperwork as the country rolls over for a US trade deal that will see a flood of food and goods enter the market that are banned from sale in the EU for good reasons of public health and animal welfare.

Scotland will have its referendum in defiance of Johnson’s totalitarian regime, and independence will win that vote. Johnson will deem it illegitimate, Scotland will move ahead anyway, Johnson will legislate to take back control from the Scottish Parliament – and a civil war could, quite conceivably, result, with English troops sent across the border. Those supporting Scotland’s right to self-determination in the rest of the UK will be deemed traitors and forced to flee across the border.

Tory voters, you’ve been promised much by a serial liar incapable of ever telling the truth. Everything you need to live will cost you more and you will starve for want of help from a government that has no interest in helping anyone but those who need no help at all, the rich and powerful.

What a success story this has been for the Tories. And yet…

And yet.

People who are downtrodden, ignored, marginalised, and persecuted, a kind of apathy among them only goes so far. Then they rise. The most stupid will eventually wake up to the fact that they’ve been used and conned. No headline in a fascist newspaper or social media ad telling lies will head off their fury and discontent. Services dismantled and discontinued, prices going up, food getting nastier and harder to find and pay for… These and more degradations of the life and society we all once enjoyed will be noticed and toleration will only go so far.

And every Tory voter is responsible for what is to come. Only some will brazenly stand by their voting decision. A majority will come to know shame, and deny, hide that they voted for this.

At this point of the Tories’ greatest victory, let those of us who stand against them take note: the hour of their greatest defeat draws closer. And yes, I will go there with the following analogy: even as Hitler rose to speak at the Nuremberg Rallies, his death by his own hand in a bunker grew closer. History shows us the horror elected dictators can inflict; it also shows us that brutality, stupidity, ignorance and wickedness eventually burn themselves out and are rejected as the tide turns against them. When society and order are turned on their head and razed to the ground, new shoots of hope and positive transformation can be seen peeking from the ashes.

There are many angry people today. There will be more as the next five years unfold. Flashpoints will be revealed, often unexpected. The resumption of fracking; the bankruptcy of NHS trusts and private social care providers; an inescapable scandal; riots in impoverished areas; hungry children with barely covered feet.

The collection of nations now only temporarily known as the UK will be unrecognisable in five years’ time compared to today, when it was already a house of conveniently placed cards that could blow over at any minute, shattering illusions of comfort and continuity. We will be unable to go back. But we will be able to go forwards, with a different kind of change. We will not then rebuild. Instead, we will build something new to address the wrongs.

The children who become adults will not remember what was before they were born. But human instinct will drive them to seek something better than what their parents and grandparents inflicted on them. Every dark turn of history supported by the masses is rejected by them at some point. We will get there, those of us still alive to see it.

I ask that we be observant, that we plan the revolution to follow the one that began on this cold, bitter night for hope and what used to be common decency – and hold onto the good. Look, and if you know a neighbour or friend is suffering, ask if you can help. It might be a pint of milk, or a little money for the electricity meter, or a pair of trousers for a child that your own child no longer fits into. Like the best of the old days, not the barking mad vision of old days that never were, which some voted for and want back. You can’t get back what never existed in the first place.

This nightmare is reality. But so too is love, compassion, the human spirit. These cannot be legislated against with any measure of success. They are fundamental and durable, even now. Believe in them. Cultivate them. Fight and work and play together. Hope. Do not roll over. Resist. Subvert. Defy.

A government that wins by deceit subverts and perverts democracy. It only has legitimacy for those who bought into the lies and voted for it, and they will not all forever see things as they do today.

We are at the point of Peak Tory. Things will not all go their way in the next five years and the trajectory determined for them, eventually, is down. Push them in that direction, relentlessly. They will lose, in time. Not today or tomorrow but when the truth and fate and the natural turn of the tide makes it impossible for them to resist.

I haven’t even touched upon the part the climate emergency will play in local and global politics and society. But it will increasingly impact upon every living creature on the planet.

Hope for a better future but be prepared to fight for it. And to be labelled a traitor, an agitant, a subversive and even a terrorist for it – even when your actions are non-violent but disruptive. Do not cooperate with the State. Do not passively accept your fate. Do not fall silent in response to evil. For this is an evil, vicious government. Because it has cheated votes from the foolish and been embraced by the uncaring, it has no authority or legitimacy for what it is about to begin doing. For a government to have respect, it must not deceive those it is meant to serve.

Above all else, know this: any triumph of darkness is a temporary thing. Light always returns.

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