Unregulated, Wild West social media needs to be reined in

I’m now convinced social media – as opposed to moderated online chat forums – does more harm than good. Doesn’t matter how responsibly millions use it, there are millions of trolls and bullies and other wicked people using it to divide, humiliate, terrorise and smear. The latest is about that little boy who has dwarfism and was bullied at school. People have put time and energy into creating fake social media profiles, uploading videos to YouTube, spreading the lie that the kid is actually an 18-year-old scammer. His mother is horrified. This is wilful traumatising of a family already dealing with a little boy being bullied. Why do this? It’s undiluted resentment and malice, jealousy of the fact that good people have been fundraising for the kid and his mum to go to Disneyland. Anything left over is going to anti-bullying charities. HE’S A CHILD FFS. AND ADULTS ARE OUT FOR HIS BLOOD.

Now, I know there are good as well as bad people. But social media can severely impact on mental health when you’re exposing yourself to bullshit, conspiracy bollocks and fake news 24 hours a day. If social media is making you think everyone is a cruel bastard, get away from it. Because that’s not true. Most of the scum are cowards who don’t want to do better things with their time and energy, post lies and would run screaming if someone so much as frowned in their direction. They are pathetic. And there are a lot of them out there.

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