Covid-19: people at their most stupid

I went to buy a couple of new pairs of shorts from my local sports discount store yesterday and covered my mouth to clear my throat while browsing. A woman next to me almost ran, so quick she was to get herself to the other side of the place. It’s getting to a point where you’re going to have people needing to self-isolate for 14 days for their own protection if they just get a cold or flu.

I’m not going to be scared of Covid-19 for myself. I refuse. However, I could see all my neighbours dead within a few months as they’re all in their 70s and 80s, which is horrible to think possible and even likely. I think those of us for whom the virus might just be a mild physical inconvenience and discomfort should be thinking about the vulnerable and protecting them from infection by us, like kids with CF or HIV+ people, rather than stockpiling, thinking of ourselves and doing stupid pointless shit.

By the way, antibacterial gels will do nothing and supersoft Andrex loo paper will just wipe the shit off your arse and that’s it.

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