Boris relaxes rules to diffuse public anger over Cummings

Anyone who thinks the Boris Johnson announcement about six friends and family being able to meet outdoors from Monday isn’t about diluting public anger over Dominic Cummings needs their temperature checked. The R rate is thought to be around 1. It’s too soon. You’re supposed to keep two metres apart. But how many people will meet and then, when they are all about to go home, get overcome with very human emotion and say, “Fuck it, I miss you, let’s have just one hug”?

This is why a second wave is inevitable, and it shows how much Boris needs his disaster capitalism guru: he’s willing for you to risk sickness and death so Cummings can stay.

Also, think how many metres of space could be involved. If you’re all in a straight line, which you won’t be, allowing for the idea that there might be strangers in front and back at any time, that’d be a 2m space at the back of the line and 2m in front… 2m between each person… A total of 14m.

That’s in a line. You won’t be in a line. You’ll likely be in a circle. So let’s add in 2m of space to your left and right as well as behind and in front of you. That’s 8m of safe spacing per person. Of course, between each individual is just one 2m distance – but between all six of you, that’s still going to be a heck of a lot of space you’re going to need to be maintaining throughout your meetup to keep away from each other and strangers.

Now tell me that’s going to happen. I mean, my maths is generally awful but the rules don’t say the 2m is face to face only. It’s keep 2m away from others at all times. You can be breathed and sneezed on from any direction after all.

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