we sing the land alive

View over Swinsty Reservoir

We sing the land alive wherever we traveland for whoever we meet we tell the storiesfor ours is the job of remembering and retellingall the things we have learned by listening ourselvesto the blades of grass, the leaves on the treesand the sounds of animals in the fieldsas they call to each other in the … Read more

love like cigarettes

Cigarette in a glass ashtray

What is love? Like the heart from which it stems,it pumps, warms, circulates, brings us to life.Love carries us smiling, from one day to the next,infectious, all-consuming love, until such time comes, if ever it comes,that the delicate mechanisms of love work no more,grinding, shuddering like a great, weary clock,pheromones, hormones, inclinations,they conspire to end … Read more

road to damascus – a short story

Image of a window in an office

Love? What is love? Like the flesh-weak heart from which it stems, it pumps, it warms, it circulates, it makes dreams real, inspires hope, moves us smiling from one day to the next, infectious, consuming, until such time the delicate mechanisms no longer work. And then they grind and shudder like a great and weary … Read more

last night I dreamt I was the Earth

Last night I dreamt I was the Earth dark and deep and brown and sweet filled with noisome little beasts a multitude of cockroaches and worms all of which together came at last to pass to travel through my vast and complex belly chancing upon skulls with bones and bits of clothes of people long … Read more

key features of a recognised ethical framework in counselling

picture frame

The key features of a recognised ethical framework for counselling are simple enough principles to ensure we work (and train) as counsellors in ways that are considerate towards, and ensure the safety of, both parties in the therapeutic alliance. A summary of the key features is as follows: respect for the individual’s rights to self-determine … Read more

the story of your life

The story of your life is uniquely yours. Nobody else has lived, nor will ever live, the same life as you. Would you, whether you consider yourself a writer or not, ever consider penning your autobiography? It seems a great many people do indeed put pen to paper and fingers to keys, telling their stories, … Read more

andrew hinkinson
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