key features of a recognised ethical framework in counselling

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The key features of a recognised ethical framework for counselling are simple enough principles to ensure we work (and train) as counsellors in ways that are considerate towards, and ensure the safety of, both parties in the therapeutic alliance. A summary of the key features is as follows: respect for the individual’s rights to self-determine … Read more

the story of your life

The story of your life is uniquely yours. Nobody else has lived, nor will ever live, the same life as you. Would you, whether you consider yourself a writer or not, ever consider penning your autobiography? It seems a great many people do indeed put pen to paper and fingers to keys, telling their stories, … Read more


What will I do when my right arm is gone? I will build myself a new one from cold hard steel. It will be a wonder, costing nothing to maintain. When that is done I shall make a new heart. That, too, will be cold, beating zeroes and ones.

say my goodbye

Rich blue sky over water

I say my goodbye staring out the window sky so blue and so big you are small I am tall but I am your son nonetheless I am watching you in a borrowed NHS bed preparing to take off as a plane flies by people going on holiday I expect

the perils of empathy

Empathy is the ability to sense and fully grasp what another living being is experiencing from their perspective. Being an empath can be a wonderful thing – for you, sometimes (if you use it in your professional life, certainly) and for other people, who do not always treat the empath well. Narcissists might land their … Read more

takes courage

It takes courage to tell the truth in a world full of lies. It takes courage to believe in yourself in a world where self-doubt makes for sales. It takes courage to be kind when those around you are cruel.  It takes courage to be the honest fool. It takes courage not to wrong when … Read more

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