takes courage

It takes courage to tell the truth in a world full of lies. It takes courage to believe in yourself in a world where self-doubt makes for sales. It takes courage to be kind when those around you are cruel. 

It takes courage to be the honest fool. It takes courage not to wrong when you know you’ve been wronged, to not mind not belonging when others pretend they belong. It takes courage to show fear and shut out bravado, to love in all innocence when most others don’t. It takes courage to admit you’ve no courage at all, now there’s a twist! 

It takes courage to admit you’ve been hurt and still go on being who you are, not shaped in bad ways by the burns you’ve received. It takes courage to write, draw, paint, play music, sing songs. It takes courage to find your own path, and stay on it. It takes courage to decide to leave the path you’re on, to try new things.

Are you courageous? Only you can tell.

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andrew hinkinson
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