last night I dreamt I was the Earth

Last night I dreamt I was the Earth
dark and deep and brown and sweet
filled with noisome little beasts
a multitude of cockroaches and worms
all of which together came at last to pass
to travel through my vast and complex belly
chancing upon skulls with bones and bits of clothes
of people long since dead who,
nevertheless, opened up their jaws and told their mother,
me, the Earth, a million wondrous stories
of their lives and of their deaths.

Last night I dreamt I was the Earth
a place of fire and flood like never had I known
my blood brought up from deep below my skin
a billion cars and factories farting smoke
combined in toxic weight to smother me
until I was no longer green and blue but black
my soil no longer full of life but dead and dry
my sky made thin, my bones made brittle
all my children turned sick or dead
and oh my heart was stricken with such sorrow
by the absence of harmony and cries of such regret.

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andrew hinkinson
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