Genderqueer, an introduction

genderqueer flag

People get confused by the wealth of gender identities people identify as today, from trans to genderqueer to non-binary, bigender, trigender and pangender, or having no gender at all. For some, the response is to scoff at the very idea there might be more than just male and female; they might use dehumanising language and … Read moreGenderqueer, an introduction

Boris Johnson: an intelligent, calculating racist

The UK is heading for multiple systemic failures when Brexit happens in March next year. The perfect shitstorm. The NHS, social care, local authorities, all starved of cash and resources since 2010; foreign workers driven away from the NHS, social care, agriculture and construction; a faulty-by-design benefits system, Universal Credit; and, an unprecedented food and … Read moreBoris Johnson: an intelligent, calculating racist

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