Tales of the Bird Man: Roxy

Roxy (no, she does NOT drink wine!)

It’s part of her life. It has always been part of her life. At least, as far back as she can remember, and she can certainly remember, because she knows who I am. When the earthquake comes, it is nearly always followed in quick succession by another, and another, sometimes more, before calm returns and … Read moreTales of the Bird Man: Roxy

Dahab Bedouin School Project needs your help

To enable her Dahab Bedouin School Project to be realised, my friend Sue Bamford has raised an incredible £900 in just a few days. But she’s not reached her target yet. Read about the Dahab Bedouin School Project by following the link to Sue’s donation page. Please support her in any ways you can. Even … Read moreDahab Bedouin School Project needs your help

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