Marvel Unlimited: comics, with much frustration

Marvel Unlimited is an online comics service where you pay an annual fee to access all Marvel’s archive up to six months before whenever today happens to be. The site/app has a nasty habit of randomly and inexplicably locking paid subscribers out every now and again. When it does, it says you have to reset … Read moreMarvel Unlimited: comics, with much frustration

Iceland Christmas TV ad banned because wanting to save the planet is ‘political’

Iceland (the food store chain, not the country) does a Christmas TV ad about the environmental crisis and threat to animals and it’s deemed ‘political’ and banned from our screens? Oh. If your kid is choking on a sweet and you want to help them survive, is that a political act? If you keep your … Read moreIceland Christmas TV ad banned because wanting to save the planet is ‘political’

Facebook bugs just get stranger

Any video I watch inside the current shiteration (note to self: copyright that word) of the Facebook app on iPhone pauses at exactly 1 minute 09 seconds for a few seconds before continuing. What the shit kind of esoteric bug is that? Do the devs come up with these faults like Easter Eggs for themselves? Like, … Read moreFacebook bugs just get stranger

One Button to Rule Them All

The BBC iPlayer Radio app, with button after button of disgusting choice and indefensible flexibility in use, is being replaced with BBC Sounds. I liked the old app but the new one is ‘simpler’ and for people who ‘aren’t familiar with radio’. FFS. Why are upgrades these days all about being simpler? Time was, upgrades … Read moreOne Button to Rule Them All

The carnivorous chef

“You’re vegan. I’m a chef. I hate vegans. Sorry.” Me, totally unfazed. “Er, why?” “Vegan food has no flavour.” “Um, you’re telling me fruit and vegetables don’t have flavour?” I thought about telling this ‘chef’ that a great deal of meat derives its flavour from herbs, spices, marinades and so on. But nah. I was … Read moreThe carnivorous chef

New iPad Pros: wait, HOW much?

Well Apple, at the prices announced yesterday for the new iPad Pros, I think I’ll be holding onto my original 12.9-inch model and first-gen Apple Pencil until they croak. What’s more, I was quite annoyed to read that the new Apple Pencil won’t work with older iPad Pros and the old Apple Pencil won’t work … Read moreNew iPad Pros: wait, HOW much?

Brazil elects a fascist dictator

As has always been the way, the peoples of the world will vote to surrender freedoms, welcome the oppression of minorities and empower evil when offered the lie of easy solutions to economic pain. The week starts with bad news for all believers in peace, justice, liberty and protecting the environment. What has happened in … Read moreBrazil elects a fascist dictator

Stockpiling for Brexit

I’m not alone in having begun stockpiling food, mostly staples and preserves that won’t go off. If all goes surprisingly smoothly with Brexshit and we get a deal, the worst thing will be I end up with a lot of food to eat having bought it at pre-Brexshit prices. It’ll get used come what may, … Read moreStockpiling for Brexit

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