Mental health in the UK getting worse. What can you do?

The UK is sick and getting no better. It can feel like nobody cares. We can each only do so much but it’s important we do what we can.

April Fool’s: that joke just isn’t funny anymore

April Fool’s Day cannot work its jokery this year. It has been ruined by reality. Every batshit-crazy newspaper article, every cuckoo post put out on social media, has an air of believability.

Random thoughts and Amazon Prime

I love the way random thoughts come, stir up the soup in my brain, lead to other thoughts and then go. I was eating my gluten-free pasta. I checked the label to confirm I didn’t buy Cardboard Flavour, but no, I didn’t. I gave some to the cats – false generosity, I know, like celebrities … Read moreRandom thoughts and Amazon Prime

Hate in response to hate: dangerous and dumb

No hate

I’ve seen on social media some unthinking and hate-fuelled responses to the news that Shamima Begum wants to return to the UK. We don’t live in a country where kids who do stupid, dangerous and offensive things are later strung up as adults. Children do commit acts of murder and rape but efforts are made … Read moreHate in response to hate: dangerous and dumb

Song of the South: the Disney film you might never see again

Song of the South

Until a few days ago, I had no idea Disney banned its Song of the South film and has never released it on DVD, blu-ray or digital. The last time it was shown was in the year of its 40th anniversary, 1986. It was a huge hit and the studio’s first-ever live action and animation … Read moreSong of the South: the Disney film you might never see again

Roundabouts, rabbits, insects and the shit we’re in

Keighley roundabout plans

Sad to witness that work began today on demolishing the big roundabout as you drive into Keighley from Skipton. The reason for my sorrow was the sight of a great many trees cut down, flat to the ground, their stumps white and raw. Like the roundabouts in Skipton, and probably many other places, this one was … Read moreRoundabouts, rabbits, insects and the shit we’re in

Vince Cable colluding with Mrs May


Are we all thought to be completely stupid blank sheets for the Tories and their friends to write what they want into our brains? First up this week, Vince Cable – a man painted by the media, including the supposedly left-wing Guardian – as a person with integrity – announces that the Lib Dems will … Read moreVince Cable colluding with Mrs May

Phones and flashers: some 1970s childhood memories

Red Phone Box

Back when I was a kid, when we had phones on street corners, you really had to know what you wanted to say to the person on the other end of the line before you made the call. It was 10p a minute, after all, and you knew you couldn’t stay on there long even … Read morePhones and flashers: some 1970s childhood memories

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