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Chickens As Pets

Chickens As Pets
£14.99£9.99eBook: £4.00
Genres: Animals, Birds, Guides and How-tos, Livestock, Non-Fiction, Poultry, Self-sufficiency
Publisher: Andrew Hinkinson
Publication Year: 2014
Length: 226
ISBN: 9781909964150

The ideal introduction to keeping chickens as pets in towns and cities. Everything the prospective urban chicken-keeper needs to know is covered. Available in large-format glossy paperback, ebook for Amazon Kindle, epub for other e-readers and as an interactive iBook for Apple devices.

About the Book

The UK Pet Food Manufacturers Association estimates there are now half a million British chicken-keepers as well. And the numbers are going up all the time. Chickens As Pets is your definitive guide to keeping pet chickens in gardens, backyards and even indoors. Humorous and easy to understand, this beautiful book includes 100 full-colour photographs and the author shares many of his own pet chicken stories to illustrate and advise.

Includes a foreword from Mama-Hen Mladek, founder of The Nut House, a leading Northern Ireland charity that finds homes for thousands of ex-factory hens at the end of their working lives.

With an RRP of £14.99, the book can now be bought in paperback signed by the author for just £9.99 direct from the Chickens As Pets website.

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