Writing again

Back writing this morning. It’s strange, or maybe not, how being able to devote myself to it again, after years of caring for my parents, makes me miss them both so very much. “Your time is your own again,” friends have told me, meaning well. Yes. It seems a long time since my mum died. … Read moreWriting again

Ms Flack’s death is a symptom no one will heed, but they should

Tabloid newspapers are busy deleting their bullying, revolting articles about Caroline Flack, but those who wrote and published them can’t erase their guilt. Neither can the members of the public who posted hateful comments about her online. As Ms Flack herself wrote: “in a world where you can be anything, be kind”. If only her … Read moreMs Flack’s death is a symptom no one will heed, but they should

A victory for lies but don’t lose hope

Woke unexpectedly at 4.40am. I was having a lovely dream. Looked at the news on my phone. Realised I’d woken to a nightmare. A victory for lies, smears, the rich and smug. A crushing humiliation heaped on the sick, the disabled, NHS workers, firefighters, the homeless, the poor, the working poor, those on zero hour … Read moreA victory for lies but don’t lose hope

Audiobooks and MacOS Catalina

Apple seems to dislike us storing things anywhere other than the internal drive, made clear by Catalina giving no choice other than to keep audiobooks and ebooks on there and not on an external drive. That’s fine if you’ve only bought five audiobooks in a decade – but when you’ve got gigabytes and even terabytes, … Read moreAudiobooks and MacOS Catalina

The problem with ‘woke’ and ‘unwoke’

There’s a tendency I’ve noticed among thinking millennials to divide people into the ‘woke’ and ‘not woke’. They need to think some more. I’ve been told more than once I’m woke, complimented because usually, apparently, you don’t get many over 40 who are. Yes. Really.  First, I think those thinking millennials need to do more … Read moreThe problem with ‘woke’ and ‘unwoke’

Moving: not just a physical change but a psychological one as well

Woke early and got to thinking, often not the best thing for me but hey. Everyone says moving is one of the most stressful things you can do, coming second only to bereavement; also, that it’s harsh on kids and, after a brief adventurous window for some people in their twenties, gets more traumatic as … Read moreMoving: not just a physical change but a psychological one as well

Stories of Dad I-V

Bernard, father of Andrew

Remembering my father today. The sacrifices he and millions of others made, and their bravery. I remember some of the terrible truths of WW2 as told to me by my dad, things you won’t find in the history books, stories of what it was really like, which was nothing like the movies and video games. … Read moreStories of Dad I-V

Social media paints a false picture

Tweets and Facebook comments present opinions without context, totally distorted. When you read them, they can make you feel you’re not alone in your feelings and opinions. You can be connected to others who have the same interests or illnesses and disabilities. All this can be good, when you’re talking about loneliness and depression, illnesses … Read moreSocial media paints a false picture

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