Covid-19: people at their most stupid

I went to buy a couple of new pairs of shorts from my local sports discount store yesterday and covered my mouth to clear my throat while browsing. A woman next to me almost ran, so quick she was to get herself to the other side of the place. It’s getting to a point where … Read moreCovid-19: people at their most stupid

I fell in love with an abused man

Domestic abuse is a form of brainwashing and happens slowly over a period of time.

Unregulated, Wild West social media needs to be reined in

I’m now convinced social media – as opposed to moderated online chat forums – does more harm than good. Doesn’t matter how responsibly millions use it, there are millions of trolls and bullies and other wicked people using it to divide, humiliate, terrorise and smear. The latest is about that little boy who has dwarfism … Read moreUnregulated, Wild West social media needs to be reined in

Writing again

Back writing this morning. It’s strange, or maybe not, how being able to devote myself to it again, after years of caring for my parents, makes me miss them both so very much. “Your time is your own again,” friends have told me, meaning well. Yes. It seems a long time since my mum died. … Read moreWriting again

Ms Flack’s death is a symptom no one will heed, but they should

Tabloid newspapers are busy deleting their bullying, revolting articles about Caroline Flack, but those who wrote and published them can’t erase their guilt. Neither can the members of the public who posted hateful comments about her online. As Ms Flack herself wrote: “in a world where you can be anything, be kind”. If only her … Read moreMs Flack’s death is a symptom no one will heed, but they should

A victory for lies but don’t lose hope

Woke unexpectedly at 4.40am. I was having a lovely dream. Looked at the news on my phone. Realised I’d woken to a nightmare. A victory for lies, smears, the rich and smug. A crushing humiliation heaped on the sick, the disabled, NHS workers, firefighters, the homeless, the poor, the working poor, those on zero hour … Read moreA victory for lies but don’t lose hope

Audiobooks and MacOS Catalina

Apple seems to dislike us storing things anywhere other than the internal drive, made clear by Catalina giving no choice other than to keep audiobooks and ebooks on there and not on an external drive. That’s fine if you’ve only bought five audiobooks in a decade – but when you’ve got gigabytes and even terabytes, … Read moreAudiobooks and MacOS Catalina

The problem with ‘woke’ and ‘unwoke’

There’s a tendency I’ve noticed among thinking millennials to divide people into the ‘woke’ and ‘not woke’. They need to think some more. I’ve been told more than once I’m woke, complimented because usually, apparently, you don’t get many over 40 who are. Yes. Really.  First, I think those thinking millennials need to do more … Read moreThe problem with ‘woke’ and ‘unwoke’

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