I undertake paintings for enjoyment and relaxation. I am happy to take commissions, for which I do not charge a lot. For a limited time, I am asking just £40/$55 (USD). Please enquire using the contact form on this site if you are interested in me painting a subject for you.

All the paintings you see in this gallery were handpainted on a 12.9-inch iPad Pro using Apple Pencil and Procreate. They take an average of 5-6 hours but some have taken much longer. These can easily be printed to canvas using one of the many online companies offering the service.

There are many advantages to having digital portraits instead of analogue. They cost less, for starters. If you damage a canvas print, you can just order another. You get to keep the digital version as well, which can be printed not only to canvas but also t-shirts, mugs, and other items.

I provide a high resolution image (PNG) of your painting for printing and a low resolution image (JPEG) you can easily share on social media and send to someone in an email.

If you would like me to paint for you, I will ask for 2-3 photos as inspiration and for reference. I look forward to making you happy with my work.

I hope you enjoy browsing my gallery. 

Instagram @andrewhinkinson

andrew hinkinson
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