I’m always happy to provide a quote for clients the world over.

Feature articles / blog posts

I will turn my hand to most subject material. My writing experience covers a variety of topics from pets, consumer electronics and health, through to opinion pieces, fiction, politics and finance.

£30 per hour.

Book editing, proofreading, book conversions

An ebook conversion from an already-edited document and supplied cover image is £350-£500, dependent on length and complexity of layout. The ebook is provided in standards-compliant EPUB, MOBI and AZW formats. Advice and assistance with uploading to online bookstores including Amazon, Apple and Kobo is available.

 £500 (proofing only) and £900 (editing and proofing).

Curriculum Vitae (CVs)

CV rewrites with Word and PDF layouts from data you supply.


Theses and dissertations

Pricing depends on the length of a paper and the condition it’s in when it reaches me in terms of readiness, e.g. a 16,000-word paper proofread with minor edits costs in the region of £250-£300, much longer papers start at £500.


Website consultancy and creation using WordPress, with as little technical jargon as possible, starts at £500. This includes an introduction to using WordPress once up and running, to give you confidence in using the world’s premier content management system.

Creative Writing workshops

Andrew is available to run one-day creative writing workshops anywhere in the UK from £900 + fuel or public transport costs. Andrew’s workshops are suitable for anyone with sufficient English skills to be able to write letters, post to Facebook and be understood when they write. They are not about being five-star individuals when it comes to grammar and spelling, but about unlocking creative potential and enabling better communication for self-therapy, personal growth, academic improvement, and enjoyment.

These workshops can include topics such as poetry, journalling/blogging, scripting and short stories, with discussion of the demands of novels and the marketplace for fiction and non-fiction. There are always opportunities to discuss and share work.

Creative writing workshops are great for team-building, self-improvement, empowering individuals and encouraging the imagination. Webinars can also be arranged for students, providing them with information on how to avoid common proofreading errors and make their work presentation better.

Returning clients always get a generous discount from their second commission onwards. Get in touch with Andrew via the contact page to start a conversation about your requirements, whatever the size and focus of your business, or individual needs. You can also call Andrew on 07498 218637. If calling from other countries preface with 44 and remove the 0.

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