counselling skills in two different contexts

Andrew with his mum

In comparing and contrasting two different contexts where counselling skills are used, I am going to use the examples of: an LGBTQ+ organisation that offers counselling alongside other services caring for the elderly I have experience of both receiving counselling from an LGBTQ+ organisation and caring for the elderly. I had a number of therapy sessions … Read more

the hand and the heart

hand open upwards made from sensory dough

For my current therapy course, which will take me to Level 5 and complete qualification in 2023, I had a starter task: to use sensory dough to create a physical representation of myself as a vessel in my counselling work. No other explanation to go with the task, just that. Questions I chose to ask … Read more

welcome to my journal

Fields past which I walk usually every day.

  This is not my first journal, or blog. Unsurprisingly, I write a lot given I am, after all, a writer. I haven’t kept an online collection of thoughts, poems, or essays for quite a long time, though. My first, back in the 1990s, only exists as an archived zip file, locally stored. It serves … Read more

andrew hinkinson
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