A box. A 21st Century simple solution to everything that divides us.

Donald Trump got to be US President by promising to build a wall to keep out all the people wanting to join all the other people who aren’t Native Americans in entering America and then acting like they own the place. It’s a simple idea, whatever you think of it. America, you see is full. … Read moreA box. A 21st Century simple solution to everything that divides us.

Mental health in the UK getting worse. What can you do?

The UK is sick and getting no better. It can feel like nobody cares. We can each only do so much but it’s important we do what we can.

April Fool’s: that joke just isn’t funny anymore

April Fool’s Day cannot work its jokery this year. It has been ruined by reality. Every batshit-crazy newspaper article, every cuckoo post put out on social media, has an air of believability.

Vince Cable colluding with Mrs May


Are we all thought to be completely stupid blank sheets for the Tories and their friends to write what they want into our brains? First up this week, Vince Cable – a man painted by the media, including the supposedly left-wing Guardian – as a person with integrity – announces that the Lib Dems will … Read moreVince Cable colluding with Mrs May

Stockpiling for Brexit

I’m not alone in having begun stockpiling food, mostly staples and preserves that won’t go off. If all goes surprisingly smoothly with Brexshit and we get a deal, the worst thing will be I end up with a lot of food to eat having bought it at pre-Brexshit prices. It’ll get used come what may, … Read moreStockpiling for Brexit

Boris Johnson: an intelligent, calculating racist

The UK is heading for multiple systemic failures when Brexit happens in March next year. The perfect shitstorm. The NHS, social care, local authorities, all starved of cash and resources since 2010; foreign workers driven away from the NHS, social care, agriculture and construction; a faulty-by-design benefits system, Universal Credit; and, an unprecedented food and … Read moreBoris Johnson: an intelligent, calculating racist

Brexshit: don’t worry, the unicorns will save us all

The Brexshit Unicorn

I see government representatives such as Jeremy C-sorry, Hunt are again, same as every day, bringing out the unicorns to line them up along the cliffs of Dover, ready to ensure with a sprinkle of fairy glitter that it will be business as usual from B-Day (yes, there’s a double meaning there, as in bidet, … Read moreBrexshit: don’t worry, the unicorns will save us all

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