A liberating diagnosis: C-PTSD

A C-PTSD diagnosis is a relief, as it explains so much – just like when adults get diagnosed with autism – but it is also not like an illness that can be cured. I’ve been receiving therapy for just four weeks now via a weekly video counselling call and it’s going well but it is … Read moreA liberating diagnosis: C-PTSD

Don’t just accept pain, fight it

I’ve learned a lot of people accept pain. They just go, “Oh, I have pain!” and take painkillers, perhaps going to the doctor to see if there’s a diagnosis attached. And then they accept a diagnosis like it’s their fate. Sit back and wait for it to get inevitably worse. I don’t get it. They … Read moreDon’t just accept pain, fight it

FMS and numbers: an extract from forthcoming book myfibromyalgia

Back and front cover from myfibromyalgia paperback

My latest book, myfibromyalgia: one man’s experience of living with chronic illness, is out Monday 2 July in all Amazon store territories the world over. The ebook can be pre-ordered for £5.99 and the paperback will be £8.99 from the date of release. What follows below is what I promised I’d post one week ahead … Read moreFMS and numbers: an extract from forthcoming book myfibromyalgia

myfibromyalgia: ebook pre-orders now being taken

myfibromyalgia ebook available to pre-order

The ebook of myfibromyalgia is now live on Amazon in all territories for pre-orders! If you pre-order the ebook it will be delivered to Kindles and Kindle apps and devices on the publication date of Monday July 2. The paperback will be released on that date. UK price for the ebook is £5.99 and the … Read moremyfibromyalgia: ebook pre-orders now being taken

myfibromyalgia: “what you’re really talking about are people”


“When disabilities of any kind are discussed, what you’re really talking about are people: flesh and blood, breathing, thinking, feeling people. We are all different. We share symptoms but our experiences in life, beliefs and lifestyles are unique to each of us. Welcome to myfibromyalgia.” There are millions of people the world over who suffer … Read moremyfibromyalgia: “what you’re really talking about are people”

myfibromyalgia: book cover reveal

I’m really pleased with the cover for myfibromyalgia. I wanted an image that conveyed masculinity, vulnerability, and pain – and that’s what I think has been achieved. I hope you like it too. You’ll be able to pre-order the ebook on Amazon sometime next week (last week of May 2018)  and both ebook and paperback will … Read moremyfibromyalgia: book cover reveal

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