When you lose your mum, and then the plague begins

It is four months today since my mother died in what was her bedroom in my house. I was holding her hand in my hands and guiding her down a sunlit path lined with trees, at the end of which my father waited for her. He was dressed in a smart best suit, and had … Read moreWhen you lose your mum, and then the plague begins

A victory for lies but don’t lose hope

Woke unexpectedly at 4.40am. I was having a lovely dream. Looked at the news on my phone. Realised I’d woken to a nightmare. A victory for lies, smears, the rich and smug. A crushing humiliation heaped on the sick, the disabled, NHS workers, firefighters, the homeless, the poor, the working poor, those on zero hour … Read moreA victory for lies but don’t lose hope

The problem with ‘woke’ and ‘unwoke’

There’s a tendency I’ve noticed among thinking millennials to divide people into the ‘woke’ and ‘not woke’. They need to think some more. I’ve been told more than once I’m woke, complimented because usually, apparently, you don’t get many over 40 who are. Yes. Really.  First, I think those thinking millennials need to do more … Read moreThe problem with ‘woke’ and ‘unwoke’

X marks a responsible citizen

Responsible citizens vote for justice and care.

Just seen for, like, the 100th time, a petition doing the rounds to get fibromyalgia recognised as a disability in the UK. It’s the very essence of time-wasting and pointless because fibro is already a recognised disability. The problem is, the DWP treats every disability differently from person to person, allowing them to deny benefits … Read moreX marks a responsible citizen

Caring for the elderly: we can, and must, do better 

I have had a very busy week. I am happy to say a care home was found for both my parents. Within 24 hours of the home saying yes, they were both out of hospital and on their way to a room they will share and have filled with personal items rather than the blank, … Read moreCaring for the elderly: we can, and must, do better 

How to be enriched rather than enraged 

I used to be capable of debating subjects indefinitely, ‘sticking to my guns’ (that phrasing, I now realise, familiar to all, clearly defines debate as argument as combat). It was hugely important to me to ‘win’ and ‘conquer’, especially in matters with some relation to morality and conscience. This isn’t a man thing; I’ve met … Read moreHow to be enriched rather than enraged 

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