key features of a recognised ethical framework in counselling

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The key features of a recognised ethical framework for counselling are simple enough principles to ensure we work (and train) as counsellors in ways that are considerate towards, and ensure the safety of, both parties in the therapeutic alliance. A summary of the key features is as follows: respect for the individual’s rights to self-determine … Read more

psychodynamic theory: key therapeutic ideas

The human brain with dream background

In seeking to explore the key ideas of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, and Donald Winnicott in this essay, it makes sense to me to focus first on the work of Freud, given he originated the psychodynamic theory used to explain the motivations and reasons for human behaviour. Freud ‘was determined to construct a psychology which … Read more

counselling skills in two different contexts

Andrew with his mum

In comparing and contrasting two different contexts where counselling skills are used, I am going to use the examples of: an LGBTQ+ organisation that offers counselling alongside other services caring for the elderly I have experience of both receiving counselling from an LGBTQ+ organisation and caring for the elderly. I had a number of therapy sessions … Read more

andrew hinkinson
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