Virtual is the Emperor’s New Clothes

Virtual is the Emperor’s New Clothes. Look, people said, we can switch to being contactless creatures living our interactions through screens 24-7 and getting everything delivered. Like we are all living in an episode of Black Mirror. There was an element of novelty at first, if you could turn your thoughts away from mass suffering … Read moreVirtual is the Emperor’s New Clothes


Empathy is the ability to sense and fully grasp what another living being is experiencing from their perspective. Being an empath can be a wonderful thing – for other people. They land their feelings on you by calling you on the phone, turning up on your doorstep or hitting you with the raw stuff as … Read moreEmpaths 

Poem // The Blot

I wish the blot was in me and not in my friend, but life is what it is, unfair and mean to the kindest person I’ve ever seen. Where humans are concerned life is best suited to liars and haters, or so it seems, with so many lying and hating and winning with that. It’s … Read morePoem // The Blot

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