Hate in response to hate: dangerous and dumb

No hate

I’ve seen on social media some unthinking and hate-fuelled responses to the news that Shamima Begum wants to return to the UK. We don’t live in a country where kids who do stupid, dangerous and offensive things are later strung up as adults. Children do commit acts of murder and rape but efforts are made … Read moreHate in response to hate: dangerous and dumb

X marks a responsible citizen

Responsible citizens vote for justice and care.

Just seen for, like, the 100th time, a petition doing the rounds to get fibromyalgia recognised as a disability in the UK. It’s the very essence of time-wasting and pointless because fibro is already a recognised disability. The problem is, the DWP treats every disability differently from person to person, allowing them to deny benefits … Read moreX marks a responsible citizen

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