love like cigarettes

Cigarette in a glass ashtray

What is love? Like the heart from which it stems,it pumps, warms, circulates, brings us to life.Love carries us smiling, from one day to the next,infectious, all-consuming love, until such time comes, if ever it comes,that the delicate mechanisms of love work no more,grinding, shuddering like a great, weary clock,pheromones, hormones, inclinations,they conspire to end … Read more

road to damascus – a short story

Image of a window in an office

Love? What is love? Like the flesh-weak heart from which it stems, it pumps, it warms, it circulates, it makes dreams real, inspires hope, moves us smiling from one day to the next, infectious, consuming, until such time the delicate mechanisms no longer work. And then they grind and shudder like a great and weary … Read more

takes courage

It takes courage to tell the truth in a world full of lies. It takes courage to believe in yourself in a world where self-doubt makes for sales. It takes courage to be kind when those around you are cruel.  It takes courage to be the honest fool. It takes courage not to wrong when … Read more

Sail Away Castles

In the sail away castles of the evergreen, there are trees of great standing and age; into the blue their wide clustered canopies reach up, their gold-spun leaves, each and every one, singing the most joyous of songs about love, peace, life under the sun, the gods’ great release of energy from nowhere, sown with … Read more

andrew hinkinson
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