Audiobooks and MacOS Catalina

Apple seems to dislike us storing things anywhere other than the internal drive, made clear by Catalina giving no choice other than to keep audiobooks and ebooks on there and not on an external drive. That’s fine if you’ve only bought five audiobooks in a decade – but when you’ve got gigabytes and even terabytes, … Read moreAudiobooks and MacOS Catalina

Don’t put your trust in Apple’s App Stores

You’d think Apple would notify people when it discovers apps sold in its App Stores, Mac or iOS, have been found to contain spyware taking private information, when they’ve removed them from the store. But no. I had Dr. Cleaner Pro installed, a paid-for app, on my Macbook Pro. It turns out, it’s been gone … Read moreDon’t put your trust in Apple’s App Stores

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