The Human League – Dare

The Human League cover art for the album Dare

The Human League’s album ‘Dare’ was and remains a touchstone of influence for me. It hardwired my love of EDM – electronic dance music – for life, and it’s a belter. Heavily influenced by the commercial melodies of ABBA, acknowledged as such by the band’s founder, Phil Oakey, Dare spawned the monster hits Don’t You … Read more

Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds

Album cover, War of the Worlds

My eldest sister was married with two kids (she went on to have another two) when Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of the Worlds came out in 1978. She had this album before I did. I was 11. Double vinyl, gatefold sleeve with incredible artwork and more amazing paintings in the lyrics book … Read more

ABBA – The Visitors

ABBA The Visitors album cover

I was 14 and The Visitors was ABBA’S last studio album, poignant and complex in its lyrics, a melancholy awareness that this was the end (at least, for the next 40 years, as it turned out) running through every track. The fact that I understood the heartache, loss and loneliness in the album, along with … Read more

andrew hinkinson
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