Stories of Dad I-V

Bernard, father of Andrew

Remembering my father today. The sacrifices he and millions of others made, and their bravery. I remember some of the terrible truths of WW2 as told to me by my dad, things you won’t find in the history books, stories of what it was really like, which was nothing like the movies and video games. … Read moreStories of Dad I-V

Poem // The Blot

I wish the blot was in me and not in my friend, but life is what it is, unfair and mean to the kindest person I’ve ever seen. Where humans are concerned life is best suited to liars and haters, or so it seems, with so many lying and hating and winning with that. It’s … Read morePoem // The Blot

Poem // If God

I have a hole where faith should be. The ruthlessness of God, it leaves me cold and unimpressed. I tick on empty. In the darkness I still say my prayers. Angels may hear, act in love as agents. I hedge my bets for the blameless, friends and family. The beauty I see. My ears are … Read morePoem // If God

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