Extremists are trying really, really, really hard to drag this country backwards through time. We have to fight to go forwards. The genie of hatred won’t go back in its lamp easily or quickly. When you encounter the ‘reasonable racist’ believing every word of the propaganda he spouts, his entire life built on fictions, it’s … Read moreExtremists

Love in a time of hate is revolutionary

Love and hate

This evening I realised, in conversation with a friend, that I’m grieving for the country I thought I lived in. I know, come what may, it’s never coming back. The social, economic, cultural and emotional landscapes are all deteriorating and shifting into meaner, uglier shapes. Hate is everywhere. Oh, there will always be good people even … Read moreLove in a time of hate is revolutionary

Boris Johnson: an intelligent, calculating racist

The UK is heading for multiple systemic failures when Brexit happens in March next year. The perfect shitstorm. The NHS, social care, local authorities, all starved of cash and resources since 2010; foreign workers driven away from the NHS, social care, agriculture and construction; a faulty-by-design benefits system, Universal Credit; and, an unprecedented food and … Read moreBoris Johnson: an intelligent, calculating racist

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